Dear Designers,

Chair Candy was born from a zealous desire to make shopping for furniture and furnishings a very personal and creative experience. It is an invitation to step outside the world of mass production and inspire your creative soul.

We have spent 27 years collectively working in the furniture and soft furnishings industry in Australia. During this time we observed a huge increase of similar style, imported furniture and furnishings. Not only was the quality inconsistent, but the range of designs felt somewhat dull. We could see diminished opportunities for the bespoke pieces that express true individuality.

In the belief there were discerning designers and consumers who wanted the opportunity to create unique, quality interiors that reflected their personal style, we started exploring the possibilities.

Over the last couple of years, we have:
- Commissioned highly skilled artisans to produce locally made furniture
- Collaborated with artists to develop an eclectic catalogue of images
- Explored the latest technology of digitally created textile designs.
The result is Chair Candy - an exciting range of chairs, ottomans, cushions, roller blinds and textiles that you can buy "off the shelf" or "design your own".

The Chair Candy "design tool" allows you to design the product of your choice online, removing any queries of how your finished piece will appear. You can use our extensive collection of images and art or upload your own photo or design. The process is simple, and once you have created your design you can view, share or change before ordering. It will then be custom made and delivered to your door.

If you require something outside our custom product builder the creative team at Chair Candy are always happy to help professional Designers realise their visions. Our aim is to bring a whole new level to bespoke furniture and furnishings in Australia.

We hope you enjoy Chair Candy as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. We encourage you to be brave, abandon the mainstream and make your interiors truly personal.

Yours Creatively,

Leanne Harivel - Brett Warwick

About Chair Candy
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About Chair Candy
About Chair Candy